Procter & Gamble Pet Care Brands; Iams and Eukanuba are the world leading, $4 billion dollar pet food powerhouse brands that have touched the lives of millions of dog and cat owners the world over.

For over 10 years Forte has been honored to create Innovative Promotional and Gift With Purchase Programs for Iams and P&G Pet Care across the globe.

We’ve built programs to tie in and celebrate P&G and World Cup Soccer.

We’ve created Pop-Up Cat Play Houses for Belgium and Holland.

We created beautiful house wares for Hong Kong, Argentina and Mexico, Canada and across Europe and the Americas.

We’ve driven millions and millions of dollars in sales for P&G Pet Care

Our goal is to positively touch the lives of pet owners world wide by gently putting the Iams and Eukanuba brand names powerfully and beautifully in the house hold touch points of every pet owner.

Forte marketing programs are at the place where pets are fed, how foods are stored, scooped, bowled, pets cleaned, played with and kissed good night. Our innovative gift with purchase products are on the counter, in the pantry, on the leashes, are and in the bowls of millions of Iams and Eukanuba users globally
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