Everyday at Forte we are creating and designing product and promotions that move people.

We have a full line of Forte sports toy products that have made kids from 6 – 600 laugh and giggle all over the world.

One of them is a toy with a US Patent called Bungee Bags®

Bungee Bags, is a soft, rocket yo-yo like/paddle ball toy that attaches to your middle finger and allows the kids in all of us to paddle, bounce, yo-yo, soccer juggle, zip, skip and zap the ball around.

People tell us that Bungee Bags are addictive, super kinetic toys that get kids up and playing away from video games and TV and are so much fun that they are nearly impossible to put down!

The soft sewn ball sits inside a net bag and is filled with angel hair like fibers that makes it soft for indoor and outdoor play.

Kids play Bungee Tag, soccer juggle the Bungee Bags, dance around with and make up all kinds of interactive fun games with these super cute, super fun toys.

For sure kids within all of us love Bungee Bags.

Look for us coming to one of the happiest places on earth soon!