When Johnson & Johnson acquired DePuy/Synthes they created the most technically advanced, most forward thinking orthopedic implant company in the world. DePuy/Synthes and their medical fixation devices transform lives damaged by trauma, disease and age.

For nearly 7 years we have been honored to engineer, design and innovate anatomical demonstration models that help DePuy/Synthes and their nearly 600 orthopedic sales consultants to teach world-class surgeons how to save and positively impact lives with Synthes’ orthopedic, surgical implants and fixations.

Forte models help show the complex anatomy and how the genius of Synthes’ curative technology help put human bodies back together.

And our creative marketing work helps power this $10 Billion global fixation company to continue to lead the world in sales and innovation.

Forte and our craftsmen and model makers are experts at designing and executing the most state of the art demonstration models.

Every day Forte marketing products help Synthes lead the world in orthopedic sales and to help save and positively impact the lives of millions.

Forte’s power is in moving people through creativity and innovation.